Safe Haven for Young Adults in Boston, MA

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New Choices, Strong Voices Inc. is an organization that is very rare in the Boston, Massachusetts area. The problem with our children being sold, beaten, tortured, held captive every day is bigger than any of us can imagine. This problem goes unseen because we do not know what to look for. Our mission is to provide each and every individual who enters the doors of New Choices Strong Voices with the knowledge, skills, and information so that when they complete NCSV, every individual will be well equipped to make better decisions to live a happy and healthy life.

We Can Help

New Choices Strong Voice is designed to help young adults, ages 18-23 escape the life of sex and human exploitation and trafficking. New Choices Strong Voices Inc. is the place for these young adults to learn how to trust again. We can help them get back to living a normal life and reconnect with family members if possible. We can also connect them with other services to help continue to progress in their lives.

Reach Out to Us

New Choices, Strong Voices is to open the doors as a safe haven for young adults ages 18-23, which consists of a shelter, where they can come to for safety when they are escaping their pump or predator.
These young adults can transition from the shelter program to transitional housing for at least 3 months. While here, they will be receiving nursing care, therapy, psychiatry, safety, counseling, education, basic living skills and many more components. If you or someone you know is struggling with sexual abuse or trafficking, please call us at 857-500-0488. We are here to help.